News, News and more News…

Staying true to jazz musician form, I’ve utterly neglected to keep this vital page updated in recent months. While this has probably gone unnoticed by the vast majority of the general population, for all you ardent, ‘semi-improvised-glory-rock’ fans and promoters out there, I’m thrilled to take to the promotional fog horn once more with the following call to arms; WE HAVE NEWS! Bucketloads of the bloody stuff.

First and foremost, after much toing and froing with the delightful James Hamilton from New Jazz Records, I’m very excited to share two tracks from a gig of ours he recorded at Sela Bar in Leeds last year. He’s done a stupendous job of capturing the vibe of the band while eliminating extraneous noise from boisterous diners and the small mosh pit that emerged in front of the stage.

Click here to find out more about the Live Album Project from New Jazz Records.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a live video of ‘Lighter than Air’ from our very first gig at the Jazz Nursery way back in September last year. It features Josh Blackmore deputising rather wonderfully on drums. Bless Pete Lee and his trusty iPhone.

I can feel an album coming on…….

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