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October 15, 2015
September 14, 2015


It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce that we’ve recorded our debut album! It wasn’t without a few heart in the mouth moments. We’d barely had time to draw breath from weeks of rehearsing in the nether regions of Willesden Green by the time those three days in the studio came round and my word, there was a lot to do. There was the big, red, throbbing red light that I’d seen so many times in my dreams. 

“To hell with it!” we cried. It was time to strap our cojones back on and play our cotton socks off. We did, and I’m just bursting to get it all mixed, shiny and into your headphones. Right now, we’re having a ball layering on the icing; we’ve got the shimmering rhodes pads, the double tracked guitars, the fancy analogue delays, hell, there’s more digitech whammy action than a Rage Against the Machine album. So for goodness sake, please stay tuned :)

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